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I invited some friends to my a


I invited some friends to my apartment for a party on a Sunday afternoon. One lady, a Mrs. Tanaka, mixed up the dates and came one week early. I was surprised to find her at the door. I invited her in anyway, but she didn’t went to come in She just stood in the entrance with her shoes on. Finally, she came in and I made some coffee. She’d brought a cheesecake for the party, but when I suggested having some, she said she didn’t went any, so I put it in the fridge. Then, after only about ten minutes, she said she had to leave. I thought it strange. She had only been at my apartment for a short time, but I went to the door with her and we said goodbye. 急いでおります。この英文を日本語訳できる方いらっしゃいませんか?(-。-; 英語の得意な方、ぜひともお願いいたします(-。-;



マザーグースの詩で、Ladybirdという以下のような者があります。 どこかのサイトで、この朗読(歌)を聞けるサイトはないでしょう。 どういう発音なのか知りたいのです。 よろしくお願いしま…

Lady Gaga Tシャツ レディーガガ Eyes S
Lady Gaga Tシャツ レディーガガ Eyes S

(レディ・ガガ)LADY GAGA シガレット Tシャツ M ブラック
(レディ・ガガ)LADY GAGA シガレット Tシャツ M ブラック





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