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Teeth – LADY GAGA – The Fame Monster (FULL SONG) #LadyGaga #レディーガガ #Singer #歌手 #アイドル #followme

Teeth – LADY GAGA – The Fame Monster (FULL SONG)


Song: Teeth
Artist: Lady Gaga
Album: The Fame Monster

No copyright infringment intended.・・・続きはこちら⇒Teeth – LADY GAGA – The Fame Monster (FULL SONG)

≪至急≫お願いします! So Mrs. S. J. and


≪至急≫お願いします! So Mrs. S. J. and the poor lady-help drew up what she called a “brogramme” every morning to keep them “abused and out of bischief.” It was all competitions or races or round games. Everything began with a piercing blast of the lady-help’s whistle and ended with another. There were even prizes–large, rather dirty paper parcels which the lady-help with a sour little smile drew out of a bulging string kit. at the bayの一文なのですが和訳をお願いしたいです ちなみに参考になるか分かりませんが brogrammeは本の注釈に=programと書いてありました またbischiefの単語の意味が分からず困ってます ⅿschiefの誤字かな・・・と思ったところなんですが・・・。 お手伝いお願いしますm(__)m

something a lady について


To cut the string of a parcel , however complicated the knot, is something a lady would not do on any account something a lady 育ちのよい女性 と訳されていますがこの語順が納得できません a something lady ではないのでしょ…

The Fame Monster
The Fame Monster

Fame Monster (Uk Deluxe Edition)
Fame Monster (Uk Deluxe Edition)

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