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DGP Jacob Thomas’ Recommendations Not Yet Considered: Chief Secy

Kerala Chief Secretary Gigi Thompson has said that DGP Jacob Thomas’ recommendations are yet to be considered.

Jaihind Television is a Malayalam channel based out of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It was launched on August 17, 2007 in Delhi by Indian National Congress President and United Progressive Alliance Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, with the aim of meeting the aspirations of the family and the nation. It has consistently remained at the forefront with innovative programming, and continuously setting new industry benchmarks in news coverage and entertainment packaging. It also boasts of a multigenre infotainment package for the whole family.

This channel is promoted by the Congress party with the support of non-resident Indians. The Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee president is the ex-officio Chairman of the Channel, while Shri. MM Hassan, former Minister and official spokesperson of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, holds the office of the Managing Director. Veteran journalist KP Mohanan, winner of the Rajiv Gandhi Award for excellence in Journalism, is the Chief Executive Officer, while JS Indukumar, formerly of Asianet, is the Executive Editor for News.
Subcribe: https://www.youtube.com/jaihindtvofficial?sub_confirmation=1・・・続きはこちら⇒DGP Jacob Thomas’ Recommendations Not Yet Considered: Chief Secy

★P3488/アイドルポスター/AKB48・Not yet「ペラペラペラオ」★

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【特典生写真無し】週末Not yet (DVD付)(Type-A)
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英語のセリフについての質問です。 (アメコミ) What

[教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]英語のセリフについての質問です。 (アメコミ) What merit has beauty be it not cherished and honored ? 「美はたたえられてこそ、その輝きを増すであろう!」(翻訳版の意訳) How could I gaze so deeply into my loved one’s soul and not build monuments to her? 「かくも深い愛にとらわれた余が、彼女に贈る記念碑の建立を思いつかなかったとは…」(翻訳版の意訳) I be now a deity , yet first I was a man . 「我ながら、恐ろしい手落ちであった!」(翻訳版の意訳) My adoration for death was the only mortal trait worth bringing with me to this lofty plateau . 「死の崇拝を示すささやかな証としてこの神殿を捧げよう!」(翻訳版の意訳) So fault me not for celebrating this fiery passion and the focus of such deep emotion . 「見よ、炎と燃える情熱と深き愛の結晶を!」(翻訳版の意訳) 場面としては、サノスというキャラ(男)がデスという死神のようなキャラ(女) に、自分のデスに対する愛を示すため、デスに神殿を贈った場面です。 これらの文の構造と訳し方が分かる人がいたら、解説して下さい。お願いします。

The Japan Timesの翻訳をお願いします。 長文の

[教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]The Japan Timesの翻訳をお願いします。 長文のため続きも質問するのでそちらもお願いします。 How alliances of convenience spur deadly terrorist attacks NEW DELHI – With the horr ific Paris attacks refocusing the global spotlight on the scourge of international terrorism, we should not forget the factors that continue to aid the rise of jihadi forces. The international fight against transnational Islamic terrorism can never succeed as long as short-term geostrategic interests prompt Western powers to form alliances of convenience that strengthen fundamentalist forces extolling violence as a sanctified tool of religion. Islamic terrorism poses an existential threat to liberal, pluralistic states everywhere, not just in the West. So, the interventionist policies of some powers that unwittingly bolster Islamist forces threaten not just their internal security but also that of other democracies with sizable Muslim populations. Make no mistake: The war on terror cannot be credibly fought with treacherous allies, such as jihadi rebels and fundamentalism-exporting sheikhdoms. Indeed, the pursuit of near-term geostrategic goals at the cost of long-term interests has created an energized international jihadi threat and fostered greater transnational terrorism. The focus on securing short-term gains is helping to inflict long-term pain on the international community. The notion that Western powers can aid “moderate” jihadis in faraway lands — training them in how to make and detonate bombs and arming them with lethal weapons — and yet not endanger their own security has repeatedly been shown to be false. The training and arming of such militants in collaboration with reactionary Islamist sheikhdoms has only allowed these countries’ cloistered royals to play double games and bankroll Muslim extremist groups and madrassas in many countries. In fact, it is the state and nonstate allies of convenience since the 1980s — when the CIA trained and armed thousands of anti-Soviet Afghan rebels with Arab petrodollars and the help of Pakistan’s rogue Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency — that have come to haunt the security of Western and non-Western democracies alike. In 1985, at a White House ceremony attended by several Afghan top-ranking Mujahedin — the jihadis out of which al-Qaida emerged — President Ronald Reagan gestured toward his guests and declared, “These gentlemen are the moral equivalent of America’s Founding Fathers.” It was the Reagan administration’s use of Islam as an ideological tool to spur jihad against the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan that created al-Qaida, undermining the security of several regional states. As secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton admitted in a 2010 ABC News interview that “we trained them, we equipped them, we funded them, including somebody named Osama bin Laden. And then when we finally saw the end of the Soviet Army crossing back out of Afghanistan, we all breathed a sigh of relief and said, OK, fine, we’re out of there. And it didn’t work out so well for us.” Today, the Islamic State militant group has emerged as a new international monster because the lesson from al-Qaida’s rise has been ignored. This is apparent from President Barack Obama’s recent decision to ramp up U.S. support to Syrian rebels with nearly $100 million in fresh aid. The decision has come despite the vast majority of the CIA-trained “moderate” jihadis having defected with their weapons to Islamic State. Now, Islamic State wages its terror campaigns largely with Western weapons and with many Western-trained fighters. France finds itself increasingly in the crosshairs of terrorism in large part because of President Francois Hollande’s interventionist impulse. A political lightweight who became president by accident in 2012, Hollande has shown himself to be one of the world’s most interventionist leaders, despite beinga socialist. Serial interventions have come to define the “Hollande doctrine.”

Not yetはどうなりますか[エンターテインメント>芸能人・タレント>その他(芸能人・タレント)]

AKB48の大島優子が卒業しましたが、派生ユニットNot yetはどうなりますか? 3人での活動になりますか? 活動停止ですか?

Not yet! Therefore、 Mars continues[学問・教育>英語]

Not yet! Therefore、 Mars continues to stimulate the imagination of both scientists and ordinary people around the world. ↑はどんな感じに訳するのですか? 回答お願いします


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